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Give a Gift That Makes a Difference
For many, Christmas is a time to give thanks for what we have and remember those who do not have the same opportunities and privileges as we do. This year Reality Gives have made our very own Christmas Wishlist to show you just how important your support can be to the lives of our beneficiaries in Dharavi and beyond.

Moustache Wallah - The 'Mo'ment We've All Been Waiting For
This November in Dharavi we rose awareness, and a few eyebrows with our first annual Moustache Wallah campaign. This has seen many Reality team members lend their upper lip to the cause and raised funds to help us deliver men's health awareness sessions across Dharavi.
Projects we run and support:

By providing access to healthcare and sports programs we help people in our communities lead healthier, more active lives.


We run and support various educational projects that focus on holistic, student-centered learning to help each participant in their academic and personal development.


To improve the quality of lives in our communities we create and support livelihood opportunities to help people recognise their potential.

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Reality Volunteers - Meet Annabelle
We sat down with new Reality Gives volunteer, Annabelle, to catch up on her experience so far, find out a little more about her and ask what brought her to India...