Projects we run and support:

We run and support various educational projects that focus on quality and student-focused teaching practises to benefit every beneficiary.


To improve the quality of lives in our communities we create and support livelihood options and prepare young people to explore wider opportunities.

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Reality Gives Programs - New Computer Lab opens in Chamda Bazaar
While an overwhelming amount of respondents to Nieck's interview questions (see here for a quick reminder) were positive, we also received some feedback about areas in which we need to improve. The people of Chamda Bazaar, Dharavi (a poorer area of Dharavi inhabited mainly by Muslims who work in the leather industry, skinning, shaving, equalising, dyeing, embossing and texturing the animal hides) told Nieck that they didn't feel they benefitted from the effects of our Reality Gives programs as much as others. Here's what we did about it...