Change can only be created in our communities through your involvement and support. Learn more about or communities through our tours, purchase socially and environmentally conscious merchandise, donate, help raise funds or volunteer your time and expertise.
Are you passionate about our programs? Would you like to get involved with us but you're unable to volunteer? Do you want to take help sread the word about what we do in Dharavi in your corner of the World? Then why not become a Reality Gives fundraiser and help us spread awareness and raise vital funds to support the work we do in our communities?

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    A U10 soccer team from Canada organised a garage sale and fundraised CA$ 450 for the Dharavi Girls Football Team.

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    Laura ran 10km in a city run of London and raised GBP 315 for the disabled children program of CORP.

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    Family Uhrner from Sweden raised Euro 1000 for the disabled children program of CORP.

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    Steve raised GBP 863 for Reality Gives by running the Mumbai Marathon 2013.


That's the best part, the opportunities are endless! The most important thing in any fundraising event is that it is something that excites and motivates both you and your friends, family and other prospective donors. Previous fundraising activities have seen people:

  • Organise a football tournament to support the Girls' Football Program
  • Host an exhibition of the photographs made in the Art program of Bombay Underground
  • Ask guests at their wedding or birthday party to donate to Reality Gives rather than purchase gifts.
  • Take on a personal challenge - run a marathon, run a 10k, run a bake sale.
  • Share a small part of their business' profits with a cause you care for.

The idea is to ask your friends and family to support a cause you believe in and you take so many efforts for. Of course you can do it in a team or alone. There are a lot of possibilities and we can work with you to find the one which suits you best.


Don't worry, we'll be by your side all the way. We will provide you with a fundraising kit including information on our projects, fundraising tips, email templates and media material. We will stay in contact with you during each step of the process, planning a great event together so that your friends and family can't say no to you.


We know you are doing this for the joy of creating change in the Dharavi community, but we also want to make sure your hard work is recognized too! We'll be proud to share your story and efforts on our facebook page, blog and newsletter. Following the event we'll be sure to keep you abrest of how the funds you raised are contributing to our work and the change that this is making in our beneficiaries lives. And, of course, if you're ever come to Mumbai, we'd be delighted to invite you to come and see us here in Dharavi, take you for a tour and buy you a chai!

Sounds good? Contact us today and become a Reality Gives Fundraiser!