Connection Projects -CORP Children With Disabilities Program #1

Connection Projects -CORP Children With Disabilities Program #1

Reality Gives is launching two new Connection Projects. Besides an Acupuncture Clinic in Dharavi we will also support a Day Care Centre for Disabled children in Dharavi which is run by the community-based NGO CORP. In Dharavi, children born with a physical disability are at risk for infanticide or abandonment. Families struggle to find the time and the resources to meet these children’s needs. CORP’s programme for the physically challenged was initiated 20 years ago with the mission of helping these children to achieve self sufficiency and reduce the burden on their families. CORP’s does this through education, health and empowerment activities.

We would like to introduce this and the next week to some of the beneficiaries of CORP so you get an idea how big the impact of this program is.

My name is Naznin! I have a brother and sister and my father is a vendor. I come to CORP’s centre since 8 years ago because of my physical disability that did not allow me to walk. With CORP’s help I managed to receive surgery at Somaiya Hospital and now I can walk with the help of crutches. Today I go to a Special School and I am in Std. 6th!

Namaste! I am Meghana and I was born on the 13th of may 2000, I have 1 brother and 2 sisters that go to school. My mother takes care of the house while my father is a cleaner but, due to unhygienic nature of the work, he got addicted to alcohol. Despite counseling, my father still is unable to quit but I pray to God to help my father stop drinking alcohol for good. My father’s earnings are very meagre to cope with the family expenses. I go to Lions Club Special School for Hearing Impaired. I am in Std. 4th and, as I am fond of dancing, I also take part in various activities. Meeting CORP has supported me through difficult times giving me the motivation I needed to achieve my dreams.

I am Shivam Sangbandharum and I was born on January 30th , 2006. I am in Senior Kindergarten: I like studying and playing games. I have a sister. My father used to be a janitor but due to the difficult conditions of his job he started drinking alcohol. Because of this situation he had to leave his job and find a new one which is on contract basis and is better for his health. Now, my rather does checking of luggage at toll junction but the salary is still too low to meet the family needs, especially because my mother is a housewife. I have a handicap on my right hand side and I had to be treated both for my leg and hand at Haj Ali Hospital, in order to be completely self sufficient I will undergo further treatment but now I have the motivation to continue my studies because, thank to a pair of new special shoes provided by CORP I can walk properly and I can lead a better life.