The End of Our 3 Year Partnership With Atma

The End of Our 3 Year Partnership With Atma

Thursday was a bittersweet day for Reality Gives. It marked our graduation from the Atma partnership, which shows the immense amount of progress and growth we have made in the past few years, but also means that we will no longer be meeting with the team at Atma on a weekly basis.

Atma works to address the issue of quality education for underprivileged children and young adults through a unique consultancy model. They have supported the development of Reality Gives from a mere concept to the thriving and dynamic organisation it is today. A couple of major examples of Atma’s help include their critical role in the development of the Youth Empowerment Program and their facilitation of the connection to Muktangan whose child-centred approach to learning was the foundation for our
kindergarten, now English Language Support Program.

Atma has provided us with organisational guidance, skilled volunteers, and even staff. Asim, our Community Centre Manager, came through the Atma network, as did one of our first YEP teachers, and of course Summer, our Executive Director, started out as a consultant with Reality Gives at Atma. “I know the incredibly hard work that Atma puts towards its partnerships, because it was once my own hard work. But I also know the incredible benefit as their partner. Reality Gives would not be where it is
today without Atma,” remarked Summer at the graduation event.

“I remember sitting down with Lee for the first time and discussing what Reality Gives could be. We started from the very beginning looking at the mission and vision and strategy for the organisation.” said Chris of those initial days working with Atma.

We look forward to continuing to support the work of Atma as a graduated partner (all new volunteers go on our tours!) and can’t wait to see where this organisation grows as we have grown!