Footballer Gracie’s End Of Season Speech

Footballer Gracie’s End Of Season Speech

Footballer Gracie’s End Of Season Speech

As the monsoon reaches Mumbai, our sports programs end for another season, but not before our ‘End of Season Awards Ceremony’. Attended by both the Dharavi Girls Football Academy and Dharavi Cricket Academy, this event celebrated the outstanding achievements of individuals recognised through Player of the Season awards and celebrated the hard work, collaborations and partnerships which have helped take these programs forward.

A highlight of the evening was keen footballer, Gracie’s, incredible speech, which ended the event. Here it is in it’s entirety.

“Hi and good evening to all my beloved Sir, Madam and dear friends. I take this opportunity to thank our Reality Gives, the football team and OSCAR Foundation [our partners in delivering the program].

This is a moment of happiness, flooded with all emotions and sweet memories. Week after week we keep learning something and at the of of the year, we stand in front of you as a skillful player. And you have been the important part of our growth.

Dear Govind Sir and Gulabahah Didi, a special thanks to you. You have never stopped guiding and encouraging us and have helped us to make a goal in our lives. You both have always inspired us in many ways and I still admire you as my role model.

Gracie is one of over 50 girls that attended the Dharavi Girls Football Academy this season

Dear Ravi Sir, thank you for your love and encouragement. And beloved Lethy Madam, thank you for your love and support.

And last of all I thank Reality Gives for providing the Mauchar Joshi Ground for us to improve our skills.

Thank you for your support for our growth without which we would have not been what we are now.

Thank you once again … and love you. Thank you.”