Our football girls Mansi and Pooja

Our football girls Mansi and Pooja

Reality Gives is so happy to get great hard working volunteers on board from time to time. They always do a little bit more than expected!

Laura for example who was in Mumbai in June to research for a Mobile English Language Learning Programme did also a great job creating profiles on our YEP students. Rose who is currently with Reality Gives to monitor the Girls Football programme was also asking the girls about their ambitions and dreams.

Every week from now we will publish the portraits of two of our beneficiaries these two volunteers made for us. We will start with our football girls, go ahead with the YEP students and will research for more profiles on our teachers and other Reality Gives friends. If you want to help us writing blog articles,get in contact with us.

Mansi is in 6th Standard, and comes to practice every single day. She joined the Dharavi team because she wants to be a football player. She used to play with the Magic Bus football team, but had to stop because practice was too far away. The team is Dharavi was perfect because practice is in her neighborhood! Mansi likes to play goalkeeper and kick the ball. She was happy to meet new people and make new friends. Someday, Mansi would love to play for India on the national level.

Pooja is in 7th Standard. She decided to join the Dharavi team because she always wanted to play football. She also had a dream that she was a football captain in the middle of a big crowd in a
stadium—So she was very happy when she heard about the new Yuwa team! Her favorite activities at practice are heading, foot touch drills, and matches. She has made lots of friends through the team. At school, her favourite subjects are math, Hindi, and Marathi. Someday, she would love to play the India
national team! She would also like to be an air hostess.