Volunteers: Pat and Joyce’s experience.

Volunteers: Pat and Joyce’s experience.

Patrick and Joyce Zickler from US are a nice slightly older couple with a big heart. When Pat came to Mumbai in 2009 for a conference he did his first Dharavi tour with Reality Tours and Travel and fortunately his first guide was Krishna. And since we all know that everybody falls in love with Krishna’s communicative, heartily way of doing the tour, also Pat couldn’t resist.

So Pat came back – in 2010 he visited Mumbai with his wife Joyce and they did another tour, this time with Ganesh, one of our long-established tour guides. And this time Pat and Joyce didn’t leave with just an filled out feedback form. Pat decided to donate together with his 26 and 22 years old daughters Deborah and Emily a library for the community Center as a gift for Joyce. 2011 Joyce and Pat did the same with the Bombay Underground art class project for their daughters who are art and acting students.

This Year in April they visited us again to see the progress of the art class and Community Center. Fortunately we were planning our first photo exhibit of the art class during this time. Pat and Joyce came to meet the kids and see the photographs. A lot of curious Dharavi kids came in and Pat gave them a short camera workshop. They all pledged to join the next batch of Himanshu’s art workshop to learn more about photography. A great day with a lot of fun for all of us!

Sincerely thank Pat and Joyce for all their support;and look forward for for more years of coming together to create a change in our community.

Patrick and Joyce are not the only keen supporters of Reality Gives. A lot of people mail us almost every day to donate computers, books, stationary and art supplies, music instruments etc. And of course there are monetary donations for which we are also more than thankful. We want to tell their stories in this blog. More is following soon.

Would you also like to get involved? Have a look here: www.realitygives.org/get_involved_donate or get in contact with us: info@realitygives.org