The Rickshaw Run Team

The Rickshaw Run Team

Now it’s almost one year ago when we started our Reality Gives Ambassador program and it’s fantastic for us to see how great the response is. This week we will feature two great stories about International supporters who fundraise for our projects – either in a very professional or totally crazy way!

Yesterday we hosted the Rickshaw Run Team “Where the tuk is the party”. Carla, Willemijn, Joost, Carolien, Suzanne, Frank, all from the Netherlands are currently on a big challenge: They want to travel from Jaisalmer to Kochin in two Rickshaws in two weeks. All by themselves as they have set the route and no one follows them to help if the vehicle breaks down. Even they say it’s kind of crazy but “you see India from a totally different perspective when you ride a Rickshaw. You feel, see and smell the country more intensive and we get to know so many nice hospitable people.”

All 70 teams who participate in the race have to contribute 1000 Euro towards charitable causes. 50% will go towards drinking water projects in India and the other half to partner projects of Reality Gives. Team member Frank got to know  the Reality Group when he came to Mumbai for work two years back. He was impressed by the tour and the work we are doing. So he proposed to his team to fundraise for our projects. To get the amount together some of them even painted rooms and did other house work for friends and family members.

“Yesterday when the team finally reached Mumbai they first went on a Dharavi Tour. Afterwards they visited the Barefoot Acupuncture clinic where they donated medical equipement which is needed for a special treatment. Afterwards three of them went for shopping: new cameras for the art program, medical and nutritious supplies for the Sharanam Girls shelter and books for the boys shelter of Community Outreach Program. The other three team members went to the Basketball training of the girls from Sharanam to get to know them and play with them.

Afterwards they all met again at the shelter to have dinner with the girls – a much appreciated non-veg meal which they don’t get so often and which was also sponsored by the team. But the girls were to busy playing and dancing with the team so they even forgot the food. At the end they also visited the art program and the drama class in our Community centre.

The rest of the raised money will go towards the program for disabled children and barefoot. We are very grateful for their huge contribution and the fun we had with them during their visit. We wish them also very good luck and fun for the rest of their journey. If you would like to read more about their adventure follow them on